“Getting it right is just the start”

Forensic evidence is only powerful if it is understood. After all, what good is the answer if it’s locked away? Many experts know the science, but can they explain in a way that everyone understands?

At BioLogic Forensics, we believe our role is to bridge the gap, facilitate understanding, and let the facts speak for themselves. BioLogic Forensics was formed on this basis. We like people and we are here to help, it is what we are passionate about.



There is a story behind every injury, let a Biomechanist explain.

Slips, Trips, + Falls

Did they trip, or was it a slip? Don’t let a fall hurt more than once.

Collision Reconstruction

Collisions are chaotic, but the aftermath doesn’t have to be.

Research + Development

We’re always learning, questioning, and looking for new projects.

Talk Story

You Do What?

It’s a normal part of many conversations, “What do you do?” Sometimes I wish a simple response would suffice, but if I’m being completely honest, I kind of like that my answer leads to a bit more of a discussion. The following is just an overview. I will be going a bit deeper in the...

The Role of a Biomechanist in Personal Injury Claims

It is not uncommon for a biomechanist to hear “I’ve got a pretty strange one for you . . .” from a client, often because an injury is being reported under fairly unusual circumstances. The question on most people’s minds is “Did this injury result from this incident?” The answer to this question takes into...

A By the Numbers Comparison of John John’s Most Freakish Airs

I’ve never done anything this impressive on my day off! Find out the science behind John John’s near-perfect performance at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. First and foremost, this piece isn’t meant to take anything away from Jordy Smith’s very well-deserved victory at Bells Beach last week. With that said, John John’s move in...

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