Collision Reconstruction

Sometimes witness statements are enough.  Other times, the Police report tells most of the story. But when damages are significant and liability is in question, would you rather rely on reported information or Science + Sound Reasoning? The crushed remnants of a car. A damaged telephone pole. The gouge in the asphalt or skid marks extending across an intersection. To a Reconstructionist, these are the pieces that tell the real story behind an accident.

Were they speeding? How severe was it? Was it avoidable? Whether it’s a minor fender bender, or a complex intersection collision, hiring the right expert is crucial.

BioLogic Forensics is right here on Oahu and we are happy to offer a wide variety of reconstruction services catered to meet the technical and budgetary needs of your specific case. The following are a few of the areas where Collision Reconstruction services can assist:

Whether it’s a glance through a fence or a thorough vehicle inspection, looking at it through an expert’s eyes makes a big difference. Photos can help a reconstruction, but a hands-on examination is ideal.  General vehicle damage, detailed crush measurements, occupant contact points, assessment of restraint performance, and more…

Were right here on Oahu so whether the car is in a shop in town or in a backyard somewhere on the Big Island, we can be there right away.

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Collisions involving vulnerable road users (i.e. pedestrians/cyclists/etc.) are unique from typical reconstructions as they require an in-depth understanding of both the human and vehicle side of things. 

These investigations should incorporate observations of vehicle damage and roadway evidence as well as the injuries sustained.  With a hybrid background that combines mechanical engineering and biomechanics, BioLogic Forensics is ideally suited to assist.

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Event Data Recorders, or ‘Black Boxes’ as they are known, are factory installed in almost all modern vehicles. These modules are designed to record information about things like vehicle speed, restraint use, and driver behavior.

In the event of a collision, this information can be captured. However, the data is delicate. It can be written over or deleted during the retrieval process and if not interpreted correctly, can lead to inaccurate conclusions. EDR retrievals and/or downloads can be performed as a stand-alone service or as part of a larger investigation.

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Some scene evidence, like skid marks and roadway gouges, tells us what the car was doing.  Other evidence, like that row of untrimmed bushes, the obscured stop sign, or the crest in the hill, can explain why the collision occurred in the first place. Either way, an expert sees things differently.

Scene documentation can be performed in a variety of ways depending on the issues, the accessibility, your budget, and more. Did the roadway contribute? Should other parties be included? These are crucial questions to be answered.

Scenes change. Evidence disappears. Give us a call today.

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